Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victory Exposed : Why We Celebrate Black History.

The history of a noble race, running roughshod over bondage, obstacles and time eternal. We celebrate the present by expounding on our feats and reliving great moments from history. We celebrate the NAACP, State Urban League and Southern Christian Leadership Meeting in their crusade to get rid of the intolerable stink of bigotry gone awry. We celebrate the political activism of Jesse Jackson, Fannie Lou Hamer and the suave Adam Clayton Powell, eloquent strategists demanding the granting of voting rights to each adult, old and young.

From the rebel retreat of Fort Wagner during the Civil War to Operation Iraqi Liberty . Unsung heroes fighting and dying to keep America safe for democracy. Neigh meditation that frees us from the clutches of attachment. Is the right process on the trail of gaining Enlightenment.

Are Yoga and Meditation 2 different words with different meanings? No, the reality is not so. We want to understand that it's the trail of yoga which shall lead us to gaining Enlightenment inside this life. We celebrate the Revolutionists ; Malcolm X, Angela Davis and the Black Panthers, zealously urging Blacks to desert the "wait and see" perspective and rebel against the White Firm . We celebrate the Nobel Peace Prizes of Ralph J Bunche and Martin Luther King ; 2 friendly men devoted to world peace. And the sorcery of Michael Jordan, showing the world why he was named "the Best sportsman of the 20 th Century. We think we know that were it not for Dr In a similar fashion , without Harriet Tubman, slaves looking for refuge would not have found solace through the Underground Railroad. But what about those pioneers at the local and state level? Those nameless women and men who lead the way, so that future generations could enjoy the comforts entitled to all people? Their contributions shouldn't be limited to musty, photograph albums and faded newspaper clippings. In retrospect, all African-Americans have made susceptible contributions enormous and little, to the dazzling archives that personify Black History.

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