Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Victory Exposed : Why We Celebrate Black History.

What's a straight jacket.

Whilst he might have felt some private satisfaction from liberating the Negroes from their bondage, Economy was the real reason why he made his emancipation announcement. Some blacks had managed to flourish in a fresh, but equal America. However, only a few companies employed blacks in a management position, as they knew their white staff would not stick to their direction. Technology has made a big impact in our social fabric. Between Affirmative Action and demands for reparations, the black community continues to ask for state handouts needlessly for just about 2 decades. They faced the majority of the same persecution and challenges being directed to the black community too. Through history, no races have been persecuted to the same levels as the Jews. Laws, through history, were made to keep them out of public office, and some times bonafide business, yet still they thrive. What are their secrets? Banding together as a community. Courageous , proud and infinitely optimistic, that is the quintessence of our heritage. In praising Black America we celebrate the rebirth of the state's most maligned ethnic group. Exhausted, their hands covered with erosions from the cotton's ticklish thorns, they declined to buckle under the indignation, creating bravery of the highest magnitude. Supplying required services or products to main line America. Most blacks today, once raised into that position, attempt to take on the genetic make-up of those in the same position as them.

The tide seems to be changing, as more black folks have profited from the explosion on their culture in White America, or with the phenomenal wages now paid to sportsmen. If a company has suspect-hiring practices, let the community talk out, and only then if the central authority get concerned.

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