Friday, September 25, 2009

Victory Exposed : Why We Celebrate Black History.

While he might have felt some private satisfaction from liberating the Negroes from their bondage, Economy was the real reason why he made his emancipation announcement. He wanted all of America to move into the Yankee version of capitalism. Over half 10 years later, and after a sequence of civil rights "victories", the roots of Affirmative Action were laid into law. Some blacks had managed to thrive in a fresh, but equal America.

few businesses employed blacks in a management position, as they knew their white staff wouldn't stick to their direction. It was actually the same time that smokers weren't treated as social pariah ; pro athletics made less than the average employee and the only possible way to send mail was in an envelope. Technology has made an enormous impact in our social fabric. Blacks are not the scorn of White America.

And while the Civil Rights amendments have an application to all races, colours, and ethnic races, let's admit it, it is essentially applied to the African-American. They formed close ties with their communities, and acquired their way into conventional America. Thru history, no races have been persecuted to the same levels as the Jews. Laws, thru history, were made to keep them out of public office, and some times legit business, yet still they prosper. In revering Black America we celebrate the rebirth of the state's most maligned ethnic group. We celebrate the present by expounding on our accomplishments and reliving great moments from past times. B We celebrate the rebellions of Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey in their ill-fated attempt at liberty. We celebrate the Civil, Political and equality so long denied and withheld. We celebrate the political activism of Jesse Jackson, Fannie Lou Hamer and the suave Adam Clayton Powell, eloquent strategists demanding the granting of voting rights to each adult, old and young. We celebrate the infantrymen on the battleground. Person in a straight jacket. For some reason, since the wholesale pillaging of Africa, African-Americans cannot appear to imitate other ethnic communities from that viewpoint. They continue to follow the African model of exploitation so a few can maintain a hold over the many. I think this goes against the tradition of Affirmative Action. That being mentioned if there were no more executive funded welfare-type programs, those communities would be made to band together to form a better environment for all their races.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yoga and Meditation - that leads to gaining Enlightenment in this life?

A tribute to our past, present and future. The history of a noble race, running roughshod over bondage, hindrances and time eternal. In respecting Black America we celebrate the rebirth of the country's most maligned ethnic group.

We celebrate the present by expounding on our accomplishments and reliving great moments from history. We celebrate our ancestors who worked in the lunchtime sun, under the sweltering heat of oppression. We celebrate the infantrymen on the battlefield. From the rebel retreat of Fort Wagner in the Civil War to Operation Iraqi Liberty . We celebrate the literary genius of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks and Maya Angelou, prompting America to redeem its pledge of equality for all through the written word. Is the right process on the trail of gaining Enlightenment.

Are Yoga and Meditation 2 different words with different meanings? No, the reality is not so. And what does yoga itself mean? The word yoga has been derived from the Hindi root yog and which in Hindi means synthesizing 2 things. Get more on the subject of a straight jacket and. We all know that were it not for Dr King, chances for African-Americans would be nearly most unlikely.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Halloween in the East.

Halloween is one of the oldest vacations celebrated by folks from different countries all around the planet.

Asians celebrate Halloween in a touch different way.

Folk offer water and food, and light lanterns to lead the spirits of their deceased family as they span the land of the living on Halloween night. This is the reason why friars are called to chant verses and incantations to free these souls from bondage. HK In an identical manner, folks from HK also celebrate the Halloween festival to guide the spirits back to their world. In their culture, spirits are thought to ramble the earth on the day before Nov one. What is constraining you from your goal to extend sales? In numerous cases what's holding back many folks are the chains of emotional bondage. These chains differ size-wise from tiny to King Kong enormous. Many times in life we read books or see movies where the hero or hero is bound by chains or ropes. This same study made public the greater than average thinking person has up to fifty thousand thoughts. Just think about the power resident in your thoughts. This shortly spread like a pathogen and inside a particularly short time over eight hundred folk had concluded to take the challenge. One individual wrote that he was intending to make public further articles. Lights are lit to show the spirits where their families could be found.
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