Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yoga and Meditation - that leads to gaining Enlightenment in this life?

A tribute to our past, present and future. The history of a noble race, running roughshod over bondage, hindrances and time eternal. In respecting Black America we celebrate the rebirth of the country's most maligned ethnic group.

We celebrate the present by expounding on our accomplishments and reliving great moments from history. We celebrate our ancestors who worked in the lunchtime sun, under the sweltering heat of oppression. We celebrate the infantrymen on the battlefield. From the rebel retreat of Fort Wagner in the Civil War to Operation Iraqi Liberty . We celebrate the literary genius of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks and Maya Angelou, prompting America to redeem its pledge of equality for all through the written word. Is the right process on the trail of gaining Enlightenment.

Are Yoga and Meditation 2 different words with different meanings? No, the reality is not so. And what does yoga itself mean? The word yoga has been derived from the Hindi root yog and which in Hindi means synthesizing 2 things. Get more on the subject of a straight jacket and. We all know that were it not for Dr King, chances for African-Americans would be nearly most unlikely.

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