Thursday, May 7, 2009

Affirmative Inaction.

One of Abraham Lincoln's claims to celebrity is the undeniable fact that he is famous for annulling slavery. Over half 10 years later, and after a chain of civil rights "victories", the roots of Affirmative Action were laid into law. This was at a time when black civil rights leaders where being killed, churches were being bombed, and dogs weren't the black the best friend of man.

There had been a time when all that were true. It was actually the same time that smokers were not treated as social pariah ; professional athletics made less than the average employee and the sole way to send mail was in an envelope.

Blacks are not the scorn of White America. They formed close ties with their communities, and acquired their way into main line America. Laws, thru history, were made to keep them out of public office, and some times bonafide business, yet still they prosper. A tribute to our past, present and future. Courageous , proud and infinitely upbeat, that is the quintessence of our heritage. We celebrate the Civil, Political and equality so long denied and withheld. From the rebel retreat of Fort Wagner in the Civil War to Operation Iraqi Liberty . What are their secrets? Banding together as a community. Supplying required services or products to main line America. I suspect this goes against the meaning of Affirmative Action.

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