Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stargazer - Evernight Book two by Claudia Grey.

Fans of Stephenie Meyer and P Cast will enjoy Stargazer, the second book in Claudia Grays young adult series. It brings some smartly plotted twists to a genus that appears flooded with teenage vampires. As an example, the north held on to the art from the Middle Ages for a much longer time than Italy.

Design in the north stayed Gothic for most of the 16th century. Though the art kept pace with the art made in Italy, it was too far and apart at the start. The explanation for this was the Italy had many republics and tiny dominions that made a rich class, which was ready to fund the art. Have tons more stuff about straight jacket purchase. The only rich Duchy in north Europe was the Duchy of Burgundy. Though the dukes from Burgundy subsidized art, the art they preferred was different. Also, the artists in the north were awfully concerned about how their art would look. They gave more seriousness to paint instead of proportion, viewpoint and anatomy. Additionally, the north artists made a lot of sculptures from wood, while the Italians made the sculptures from marble due to the countless quarries present in Italy. She's going to do anything to see him again, regardless of if it places her at risk from the Black Cross, a bunch of vampire hunters.

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