Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mohamed's Moon by Keith Clemons.

A Novel of Suspense, Love , Action prize-winning author Keith Clemons has created another masterful work in his novel Mohameds Moon. One becomes a devoted fundamentalist fan of Islam, the other a committed Christian.

I could about feel the glistening sun on the sand blurring my eyes as the ocean of sand spraying a limestone chafe burned my skin. Another word for it is grief, a state or condition that's in contrast to your contentment. It's a month of liberty and autonomy. Nigeria changed into a true independent country in the month of October, so are some other states of the planet. It is a month that calls for joy and contentment. This month will be a different month from all of the months, therefore it's time to cheer up. It's your turn to point out, How has the oppressor ceased? He touches the heart and feelings with piquancy as his real life characters make decisions that will affect the world today, and their endless destiny. Mohameds Moon communicates a message of love, sacrifice, and redemption. Clemmons writing is delicate creating his veracity as a person and his presented capability as a story teller. Realms ( A Strang Company ) 9781599795256 As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review.

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