Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Men Purchasing Pantyhose.

I won't say I've been around when other men were purchasing female clothes so I haven't any concept what these salespeople thought about guys who were coming in and purchasing similar things. So here was my task over the following few weeks. Do you mostly work in pantyhose? Most work in multiple sections of the store but appeared to spend rather a lot of time in the hosiery section.

It also appeared that many of the saleswomen had been working at the stores for no less than one or two years. Click link for latest information about your own straight jacket. This gave us sufficient time to relay some exact experiences.

Plenty of the saleswomen say they really recognize the men as they're coming in. One even declared when she sees him come in by himself, he comes in to buy pantyhose.

When she sees him with his other half, he just walks by. Do they indicate if they're purchasing for themselves or for their wife? The majority of the men come in, buy their pantyhose and stockings and leave without saying much . One or two had some stories about the way the blokes would talk about the way in which the hose were for themselves. Others made a point to say they were for their other halves but looked frightened announcing it. Are any members if the hosiery club? Only a few. Attractive Stiletto High Heels Formerly , high heels were a depiction of wealth and standing but today they're used more to attract opposite sex. One of the keen fans of high heels and the most celebrated sex symbol of all times, Marilyn Monroe once claimed, "I dont know who invented the high heel, but all girls owe him a lot. Horny stiletto heels higher than four inches ( going up to eight inches ) need lot of practice and are especially linked with the picture of femme fatale. Today, exceedingly high heel stiletto shoes are a common fetish item and known more for their erotic nature. Not one of the saleswomen hold any judgment about the guys who come in and buy pantyhose. You aren't the 1st guy coming in here making this acquisition nor are you going to be the last. We have seen it before and don't think much of it.

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