Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Interview With Marta Acosta, writer of the Casa Dracula Series.

Basildon is regarded as residing among the 8 newly built cities in the South-East of Britain following the second World War. Previous to this, Basildon would be famous as a rather tiny town 1951 was a year of change which saw the entrance of new residents that apparently had an incredible effect on population figures. Plenty of Basildons local residents commute to London which explains why trains are a convenient strategy of transport.

For a more cultural experience of Basildon, the newly built Basildon humanities Trust Studio is home to Modern Art Exhibitions which had it its opening in 2004. There also are 2 major Museums based in Pitsea & Laindon called the Speedboat Museum ( Pitsea ) and the Plotlands Museum ( Laindon ). Its a pleasure having you here today to speak about your books. My Casa Dracula books follow the journeys of a smart, funny, horny young woman, Milagro, who gets infected by a condition some would call vampirism. Shes repetitively in contest with the dynamic Vampire Council, who would be pretty satisfied if she vanished for evermore. In the future, Im reasonably confident everyone will be wearing t-shirts, jeans, and flip-flops, not grey uniforms. Anyhow, I was brooding about the clichs of some brand stories, and I made a decision to spoof them. I believe rich, complex vampires would most likely be fairly chuffed with themselves, so I popped up with my snobby, accomplished vamps. There are plenty of authentic & scandalous pieces of sporting mementos and boats. Its opening occurred in 1999 by Queen Elizabeth II to mark the millennium. Little nature reserves are also clear in Basildon, the dominant one being the Noak Bridge Nature Reserve that has a mixed grass land of at least twenty acres alongside scrub and small pools. The large range of grass and flowers causes butterflies and dragonflies to appear round the 7 pools creating an attractive landscape. Heading off to the financial area of Basildon, here we find the center of business and work which lies thru the Thames Gateway. Without reference to the fact that close to one 3rd of its workforce travels to London and back daily, it actually has the same quantity of employees coming in and is known for being one of the most significant business centers due to its coalition with major conglomerates including Abbey Nationwide , Fords, First Info , World Finance Info Services, York World , Konica UK and plenty more commercial bosses.
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