Monday, July 20, 2009

Affirmative Inaction.

Over half ten years later, and after a chain of civil rights "victories", the roots of Affirmative Action were laid into law. It was actually the same time that smokers were not treated as social pariah ; pro athletics made less than the average employee and the sole way to send mail was in an envelope. Blacks are now not the scorn of White America. Between Affirmative Action and demands for reparations, the black community continues to ask for regime handouts needlessly for virtually two decades.

When Italians and Irish races initially came to Ellis Island, they weren't treated any better than the people that were already settled.

Courageous , proud and infinitely upbeat, that is the bedrock of our heritage. Exhausted, their hands covered with erosions from the cotton's ticklish thorns, they declined to buckle under the indignation, making bravery of the highest magnitude. We celebrate the NAACP, National Urban League and Southern Christian Leadership Meeting in their crusade to get rid of the intolerable stink of bigotry gone awry. So powerful were these men in their search for liberty, they preferred death to enslavement. We celebrate the squaddies on the battleground. Discover more on straight jacket 2004. Unsung heroes fighting and dying to keep America safe for democracy. What are their secrets? Banding together as a community.

In your company, if a new Italian person is employed, he's going to be eating with other Italians by lunch. Most blacks today, once raised into that position, attempt to take on the genetic make-up of those in the same position as them. They won't attempt to promote other black applicants, in fear of looking too considerate, or amateurish. They have re-invested into their communities to contribute in both education and job probabilities. If a company has suspect-hiring practices, let the community talk out, and only then if the executive get entangled.

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