Saturday, January 19, 2013

Have You Lost Yourself?

What's Yoga? Yoga is a traditional science of the coordination and purification of the mind and body to synchronize the human system to its deepest level. Yoga in Sanskrit appertains to yuj that means final bondage. Yoga has been practiced since ages to secure pureness of mind, body and soul and the final goal of yoga lies in the total harmony with the ultimate power GOD. What Yoga can Do? Yoga as an inbuilt system of physical activity exists on the holy land of India since ancient times. It was actually the year 2000-a year where I actually commenced seeing I Had lost me. The genuine Jennifer was nowhere to be found. As I read though my book, I cant help but be saddened by the words I wrote : at the moment, I feel worthless Im prepared for my life to start feeling like its worth something I actually feel as if I have lost myself I feel so distant folks have spotted a change in me At the time, I didnt realize the bondage I was in. If you try, you'll drive yourself fun ny and actually never know the sensation of living a life full of purpose and meaning. Perhaps the commonplace jobs of living and surviving have led you to lose pieces of who you once were. This is a neat item on straight jacket elite. Yoga is now being reintroduced and promoted in modern methods to reach each nook and corner of the planet. Today, Baba Ramdev is a respected name in India as well as the arena of yoga, who has taken heavy measures to introduce Yoga in a recently discovered way to the entire world.

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