Friday, July 6, 2012

Calligraphy - The Gorgeous Art.

The art of making pretty and classy writing is named Calligraphy which needs talented penmanship. Books were authored in calligraphy up till the discovery of printing machines. There are 3 main fashions of calligraphy which are prevailing now. It is just good penmanship that pulls attention and has a definite kind of its own. C Western calligraphy comes from old calligraphy using not only Roman alphabets but also Etruscan, Phoenician and Greek alphabets also. Though it was employed in palaces by leading scribes it later gained recognition in priories where it was employed for writing holy books like the Bible. This is the most recognised script by Westerners today.

It is composed of twenty-three letters in the Serbian language which has similarities to Russian. In a similar way the Japanese and Chinese old calligraphy papers are artworks done with brushes rather than pens. Other critical states who can boast of an opulent past in old calligraphy are Saudi Ara bia, Iran, Tibet and Nepal. Friars in Eire and Scotland used Uncial letters in their calligraphy which is also referred to as Insular Kind of Calligraphy. After the discovery of printing by Gutenberg in the fifteenth century, handwritten and hand-decorated books become less common.

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