Friday, February 10, 2012

Givenchy High Fashion Fall 2011.

Gold, flesh and white, with a little bit of black are the color schemes. Ostrich feathers are extremely Givenchy presently and a floor-length feather number with degrade effect with a couture leather jacket resonate womanliness yet strength. What have been some of the influences on top Italian furniture style in the world? Returning to the late fifteenth century, the Renaissance period brought major influences from across the world, including Japanese furniture designers. Traditional Roman and Greek art designs commenced to turn up in furniture designers work.

Right after the Renaissance, the Catholic Churchs influence grew to much that modern designers brought a totally new look to modern furniture style revolved round the influence of the Church.

The Catholic Church led a regeneration and revamp of Rome that spread a Baroque influence all though Italy followed by Europe in the 17th century. Famous Italian furniture designers made gilded frames, Italian chest s, Florentine consoles and cupboards as well as lion commodes all with creative and intensive carvings to make an impressive and royal design. While these were massive, dominating pieces, the Baroque period turned to what is sometimes known as the Empire and Neo classicism style where forms and kinds started to control the work of famous designers. Oriental, particularly, Japanese interior decor started to influence Italian design. A powerful concentrate on detail, quality and design bring strength to Italian furniture. Gold, embroidered and gilded dresses waken the masterful handiwork of the past but the textures and overall appeal is extraordinarily 25th century. Those women with new money in numerous rich nations will certainly fight over these flawless dresses for the Givenchy Fall 2011 collection.
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