Friday, December 16, 2011

The Gothic Images of Batman.

Out of all the original superheroes of times past only Batman has all the right images, atmosphere, characters and settings to be identified as true Goth. Repeated visitors to the club included such folk as Siouxsie Sioux, Steve Severin, Robert Smith and Nick Cavern . Find out more on the subject of is a straight jacket. But isnt it a little bit of a coincidence the club was named after Batmans real hang-out? ( You might say. Then there's the town that's such an integrated background of the majority of the Batman stories, - Gotham. As the name implies, it's a dark place that is completely full of shady alleyways and malign, maniacal enemies. A place where the manholes steam and the Dark Knight patrols noiselessly, hesitating only among the shadows and mist. It brings some deftly plotted twists to a class that appears deluged with teen vampires. Bianca is starting to become stronger and its only a question of time before she becomes a full-blooded vampire. It has gracefully modified over time to become far more so. Between the 2 Batman films he also made the masterwork Edward Scissorhands with an especially Gothic Johnny Depp as the lead figure.

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