Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stargazer - Evernight Book two by Claudia Grey.

Out of all the original superheroes of yesterday only Batman has all the right images, atmosphere, characters and settings to be identified as true Goth. OK , so it wasnt just Batman who helped influence all this. But isnt it a coincidence the club was named after Batmans tangible hang-out? ( You might say.

As the name says, it's a dark place that is completely full of secretive alleyways and malign, maniacal enemies. When the honest truth about his identity was disclosed, he left the high-school. Bianca is starting to become stronger and its only a question of time before she becomes a full-blooded vampire. All of the characters are far more developed and new revelations raise the stakes. There are sufficient loose threads to make me excited to read book 3 of this darkly entertaining series. Learn more on tripp straight jacket.

In 1989 Tim Burton ( a director with obvious Gothic influences formerly observable in such films as Beetlejuice ) released his film version of Batman. Between the 2 Batman films he also made the masterwork Edward Scissorhands with a really Gothic Johnny Depp as the lead figure. Since that point the Batman industry continues to wallow in its darkness with a number of other Gothic-styled additions to the string of films. Therefore long before Neil Gaimans Death there had been already a Gothic hero.

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