Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Calligraphy - The Attractive Art.

The literal meaning of the word calligraphy is lovely writing.

Books got written in calligraphy up till the discovery of printing machines. Arabic, Chinese 150, known as oriental style and Western or Roman are preferred modern calligraphy styles. Typography shouldn't be confused with calligraphy. With the frequent wars of the time, the art of calligraphy did nicely and expanded into alternative styles like Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, French and plenty of other country-specific styles. Originating in the 8th century, Gothic calligraphy is famous even today. Learn more about need a straight jacket.

Croatia and Bulgaria practiced Slavonic writing that was developed from the Cyrillic alphabet. Traditional and old calligraphy Cyrillic script known as Uncial is famous due to its obvious letters drafted in straight forms and is simply articulate. The leaves were cut into long oblong strips of uniform size tied together by a string sent thru a hole in the leaves.

Balliol School , Bodleian Library, Corpus Christi University , Jesus University , Magdalene University and St John146,s Varsity of Oxford Varsity , converted major works regarded as treasures in calligraphy, in digital format to save them over a longer time.

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