Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bury Me in a Free Land - Not One of Slaves.

However this bondage is short lived because these heroes do something and break their chains. Of course life isn't like the flicks, it's actually much better as you have the ability to break the chains simply with your thoughts. This same study exposed the greater than average thinking person has up to fifty thousand thoughts. Just think about the power living in your thoughts. Henry Ford asserted If you think that you can or you suspect you can't either way you are right. This shortly spread like a pathogen and inside an extraordinarily brief time over eight hundred folk had agreed to take the challenge. For people who use bum marketing to force traffic to their web sites, this is a great advertising strategy as it is free and it's targeted. The quintessence of the poem coming from the lament of a slave, doesn't hunt for a superb place to rest apropos worldly possessions and more superb. This illuminates the demoralising impact slavery has had on those violently dragged into its frightful dungeon of darkness. The last verse talks to the writers desire of this poem concerning being free from slavery. This verse states, I ask no monument, proud and high / to stop the gawk of passers-by, / All that my craving spirit wants, / Is bury me not in a place of slaves.
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