Saturday, February 19, 2011

Halloween in the East.

In most western states like US and Canada, carved pumpkins and corn stalks stretched all over the burbs, trick-or-treating, and costume showing frightening creatures are staple practices in the holiday. The goal of this custom is twofold : as a remembrance of the spirits of the dead and so as to free the spirits of the nervous souls so they may go peacefully to heaven. They burn footage of fruits or cash believing that these photographs would reach the other planes and bring comfort to the spooks.

Yue Lan or Holiday of the Hungry Spooks is a time for folk to laud the meaning of the dead.

And the sole way to damage them is thru your thoughts or what some call self talk or positive talk. However this bondage is fleeting because these heroes do something and break their chains. I was reminded of this quote when I read of a particular challenge started by three people on Twitter. Straight jacket pictures. Lights are lit to show the spirits where their families could be found.

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