Monday, December 6, 2010

Bury Me in a Free Land - Not One of Slaves.

These chains range in size from tiny to King Kong big. And the only possible way to smash them is through your thoughts or what some call self talk or positive talk. Many times in life we read books or see pictures where the hero or heroine is bound by chains or ropes. However this bondage is short-lived because these heroes do something and break their chains. The regular person has 12,000 thoughts according to a studied conducted by the nation's Science Foundation ( NSF ). Just think about the power resident in your thoughts. Henry Ford claimed If you believe that you can or you suspect you can't either way you are right. One individual wrote that he was planning to publish extra articles. Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, sets the tone and theme with the 1st verse of this poem Bury Me in a Free Land, which is drafted in the quatrain format with rhyming couplets. The poem does a brilliant job of illustrating the thoughts of liberation going thru the mind of an individual in physical bondage. The poem allows one to feel the feeling of what goes thru the mind of somebody who is caught and dragged into slavery. The articulation here shows that slavery has had an appalling effect on those grasped inside its dark shackles, therefore having the lifes blood sucked out of them. This illuminates the demoralising impact slavery has had on those violently dragged into its dreadful dungeon of darkness. The pictures in the 4th verse of this poem are extraordinarily chilling. Hear these words : I couldn't sleep if I saw the lash / Drinking her blood at every scared gash / And saw her honeys torn from her breast / Like shaking doves from their parent nest.

This verse exposes the grave images which exist in slavery. Harper truly poured her heart out thru the words in this verse in an appeal for others to rise up against such dangerous and life-taking eventualities. Halloween straight jacket. The last verse talks to the writers desire of this poem regarding being free from slavery. ) making an article a day is something I knew I should do ( Great demonstration of the being busy emotion chains. Allocate the time to tunr all those destructive thoughts that prohibit you from your sales goals around into positive ones that may catapult you forward to sales success.

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