Friday, August 13, 2010

Stiletto High Heels The Final Source of Style and Seduction.

One of them asked me a fascinating question that I didn't know the solution to : What do the female sales clerks in the malls think about men purchasing pantyhose? As a female going into the dep. store, nobody seconds estimates me or considers it wierd if I'm purchasing pantyhose or other female clothing. While I often buy shoes, blouses, skirts and dresses at the store, almost all of my pants and pantyhose are acquired on the web. It has really been a bit since I went into an office store to buy pantyhose. While out shopping, which I am doing enough of anyhow, I was going to go to the pantyhose and stocking section and ask the sales folk one or two questions : Do you work in pantyhose? How frequently are men coming in to buy? Do they indicate if they're purchasing for themselves or for their other half? Are any members if the hosiery club? Do they ever chat to you about wearing them? And not, the answers. It also appeared that many of the saleswomen had been working at the stores for at least 1 or 2 years.

This gave us sufficient time to relay some exact experiences. How frequently are men coming in to buy? Really regular it appears. Have lots more articles about is a straight jacket. One even claimed when she sees him come in by himself, he mostly comes in to buy pantyhose. When she sees him with his other half, he just walks by. Others made a point to say they were for their other halves but looked scared announcing it. One of the enthusiastic fans of high heels and the most celebrated sex symbol of all times, Marilyn Monroe once recounted, "I do not know who invented the high heel, but all girls owe him a lot. " The inbuilt power of high heels is more significant in stiletto heels with their shaft shape. Stylists feel stiletto high heels make the wearer appear taller and also slimmer simultaneously. The seductive stiletto high heels also inspire ladies to take on a rather more sensuous pose and gait and thus appear more engaging. Slip on a couple of attractive stiletto high heels shoes and you'll be astonished by how you transform from a plain Jane to style diva. The wonderful sexual and confidence powers of stiletto high heel shoes have raised their acclaim to exploding heights.

They talked about his fetish for a bit and that was about it. Men rambling alone in the womens section reading around appears to be a rare thing.

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