Saturday, July 10, 2010

Victory Exposed : Why We Celebrate Black History.

He wanted all of America to move into the Yankee version of capitalism. This was at a point in time when black civil rights leaders where being killed, churches were being bombed, and dogs weren't the black the best friend of man. Nevertheless only a few companies employed blacks in a management position, as they knew their white workers wouldn't stick to their direction. It was actually the same time that smokers weren't treated as social pariah ; pro athletics made less than the average employee and the sole way to send mail was in an envelope.

Technology has made a big impact in our social fabric. Blacks are now not the scorn of White America. Between Affirmative Action and demands for reparations, the black community has continued to ask for executive handouts pointlessly for virtually two decades. They formed close ties with their communities, and acquired their way into main line America. What are their strategies? Banding together as a community. We celebrate the result of Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglass and W Dubois, crying out against injustice. We celebrate the NAACP, State Urban League and Southern Christian Leadership Conference in their crusade to get rid of the intolerable stink of fascism gone awry. We celebrate the power of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Ida Wells-Barnett, girls of unrelenting endurance, rebelling against the savagery of hate and inhumanity. So robust were these men in their search for liberty, they preferred death to enslavement. We celebrate the Civil, Political and equality so long denied and withheld. We celebrate the infantrymen on the battleground. They won't attempt to promote other black applicants, in fear of looking too compassionate, or amateurish. Get plenty more news about this on straight jacket

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